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TAF Sunscreen

  • Ecologic and without toxic chemicals
  • Produced by Daniele de Winther, beauty expert and creme award winner for 25 years
  • Produced for TAF : 25SPF and 50 SPF
  • UVA/UVB Beauty Protection 50ml-glass
  • Rating 5/5

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Beautiful designs from Cahana Jewelry

Cahana jewelry is handmade, consciously produced and thoughtfully designed.

Production is in Jaipur, India by a small factory specialized in molded jewelry.

All pieces are made with molds and afterwards hand polished to enable a perfect finish, 925 Sterling Silver with distinctive beautiful surface treatments. e.g. 24 carat micron gold.

If there is a surface treatment, this can wear off over time. To protect it and keep it beautiful for a long time, we recommend to not wear it in the shower and avoid contact with makeup, creams, hair color etc.

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