TAF's Achievements in 2016

TAF - The Animal Fund was created March 3th, 2015. Aspiring to inform and educate about the ocean and its marine life's deterioration and to find solutions, the association has accomplished numerous achievements since then.

  1. TAF has grown to reach 126 members as of December, 30st 2016; 
  2. Five general members’ meetings and some specific manager/ambassador meetings, with enthusiastic and fruitful discussion (Feb., April, June, September and November 2016);
  3. Set up 3 Special Interest Groups: Cosmetics, Plastic and Overfishing with written report published on webpage;
  4. Connected and shared information with important co-workers/associations;
  5. Provided marketing materials (clothing, caps, bags, mugs, pens etc.) available for stands and to be purchased;
  6. Given 5 presentations in schools and organizations;
  7. Taken part in 6 press conferences and several articles in local magazines;
  8. Published a Marineland report (Antibes, France) aiming to raise awareness and end captivity;
  9. Visited the Faroe Islands, followed by a report and film;
  10. Attended with a promotional stand the Schengen World Peace Foundation Conference in Luxembourg;
  11. Visited and reported on aquarium in Denmark upholding captive harbor porpoises for educational purposes;
  12. Daily updates of TAF’s website (i.e. mobile site, translations, improvements) and Facebook page with vibrant and informative news;
  13. Implementing interesting and informative newsletters;
  14. Created awareness in schools via various projects;
  15. Attending with a promotional stand the World Championship in Rowing in Monaco;
  16. Published a report and film on the protected Estero Bay in Florida;
  17. Organized public beach clean, Florida;
  18. Brewery visit for future connection with our plastic group;
  19. TAF attending La Nuit des Associations 10 years celebration and receiving a medal;
  20. Joined whale meditation to raise awareness of these magnificent creatures and their importance for humans;
  21. TAF and some youth ambassadors joined ISN’s winter fete with a promotional stand;
  22. TAF presented in TV Monaco Info.