Our History

It all began one day in Italy……

Looking at what was left in a fresh fish shop after closing hours brought tears to my eyes? Who had miscalculated the amount of fish being sold? Or has greed taken over, hoping for extra customers while the sea is emptying? 

Short term thinking has never been wise and will end in a catastrophe for the whole population, not just for those who pursue a policy of overfishing, catching dolphins “accidentally” in nets, killing them and polluting our ocean. 

We need to be sure that there is enough food for all of us without destroying the ocean!

I would like to share some of the thoughts from my heart on that day… 

  • Why is it high on so many people’s wish list to experience a “swim with the dolphins”? 
  • Why do humans pay a large amount of money to watch dolphins in an aquarium? 
  • Why do people spend lots of money and time on “whale watching”? 
  • Why do many travel far to experience the whales or dolphins in real nature?

Why, on the other hand, do some humans kill these magnificent, intelligent cetaceans with no regret or emotion and, at the same time, so few protest against this cruelty? 

It’s not just the whaling or dolphin industry that those beautiful mammals have to protect themselves against, it’s indeed also the pollution, climate change, loss of food sources, toxic substances, sonar testing, digesting tons of plastic and net entanglement with fishing equipment.

What is there to be seen in nature if we ruin it all? And what will be left in a few years for our children?

Zoos, Aquariums and Reserves will maybe be the only places left to experience what once was a natural element in our lives, and with time also those will disappear. 

Marine Mammals belong to the Ocean and NOT to Aquariums. Wild animals belong to their natural habitat and NOT to Zoos or Reserves! 

This is what, in January 2015, made me understand that I had to act immediately!

We must all act now and use human intelligence, inspired by the intelligence of the dolphins and the whales, to save the ocean and its beautiful mammals.

Founder: Berit Legrand

“Life and circumstances may lead you to a destination but it doesn’t mean that one has to stay there! Being confronted with the deterioration of our ocean and its mairine life, which we all depend on, I realised it was time for me to act and defend with the same energy and compassion I have undertaken in other fields of my life”. Berit has a rather unusual background compared to others in her field with over 38 years in the coaching industry & fitness world and more than 25 years in the financial world. Her love and passion for the ocean and the animals has been with her since a child.