TAF Achievements in 2024

TAF - The Animal Fund was created March 3th, 2015. Aspiring to inform and educate about the ocean and its marine life's deterioration and to find solutions, the association has accomplished numerous achievements since then.

Year 2024

  1. Collaboration with Whale watching companies. During the initial months, TAF collaborated with additional whale watching companies, emphasizing the need for guidelines and rules to safeguard the welfare of whales (Jan-Feb);
  2. In collaboration with university IUM, we were pleased to participate in their conference about overpackeging and thank IUM students for raising funds to TAF (March);
  3. A huge honor to connect with Dr Silvia Earle during Monaco Ocean week, and to discuss how to be part of creating hopespots (March); 
  4. During Monaco Ocean week, TAF had the privilege of hosting a conference addressing the decline in biodiversity and its profound implications for humanity (March);
  5. School intervention for 25 children (March);
  6. Another 28 students got educated about the whales and their importances to humanity. How to protect them and ourselves.(March);
  7. TAF school visit showcased the incredible world of whales, educating students about their vital role in marine ecosystem (April);
  8. We were pleased to collaborate with a dedicated teacher who had already primed the 20 students and engaged them in ocean-related topics (April);
  9. 26 motivated CM1 students were educated about the challenges facing biodiversity, and solutions were presented to empower everyone to enact positive change (April);
  10. We educated 100 children about the magnificent whales and dolphins and how we can all contribute to their protection (April);
  11. TAF has been named “Best Marine Conservation Organization 2024 – France” for the Non- Profit Organisation Awards hosted by Acquisition International (April);
  12. In collaboration with TAF and R4 Clothing, EDHEC students organized a remarkable sustainable fashion show event, featuring eco-friendly clothing and screening a documentary on fast fashion (April);
  13. Happy to collaborate with NEAT Hotel, Ponta Delgada who earned the prestigious Travelife Certification, which is the best and highest level of certification that a tour operator can reach globally (May); 
  14. We are grateful to have the pleasure to team up with Futurismo in the Azores and hear about their projects and commitments to safeguard the nature (May);
  15. Azores whale watching
    Combining marine biologists’ expertise with ocean conservation efforts! We were proud to see the safety measures in action (May);
  16. We had a delightful day teaching 28 enthusiastic school children about the wonders of the ocean and how to protect it (May);
  17. We had so much fun with 26 children eager to learn more about whales and dolphins and how to protect them (May);
  18. Step by step, one by one, and together, we can create miracles for ocean protection. Thank you to the 27 motivated children who participated in our education (May);
  19. 25 super engaged children participated in our ocean quizzes and learned how we can all change our habits to protect the planet. Thank you to the school and the children (May);
  20. Almost the end of the school term and we are thrilled to have met so many engaged schoolchildren. Today we thank another 27 children for becoming new Ocean Heroes (June);
  21. Celebrating World Ocean Day with more than 200 school children and their teachers. In collaboration with Ville de Nice. We thank all for their engagement during our educational clean up operation (June);