Board of Directors

Berit Nielsen Legrand

Founder and President of TAF - The Animal Fund

Born in Denmark in 1962, married and has two children. Led by her love for nature and animals, facing the ongoing destructive evolution of our natural environment including the deterioration of our ocean and its marine life, made Berit start TAF in 2015. Berit's background in the financial sector and in the coaching & fitness industry which has equipped her with the knowledge and abilities to find creative solutions and deal with environmental issues. Integrity, honesty, and respect are what drive Berit to strive toward the ultimate conservation of the ocean and its marine life. Her priority has always been to understand the person behind in order to make the best decisions and her view is that it's essential to understand humans actions and thoughts in order to achieve any successful accomplishment in any subject ! Berit’s aim is to make people realize in a honest and respectful way that we all urgently have to work together for a healthy and sustainable future!

Louis Legrand

Vice-president at TAF - The Animal Fund

Belgian, born on July 22nd, 1966, married and 2 children. Macro-economist and Financial Analyst, 30 years of experience in Private Banking and Wealth Management. Independent and business leader since 2006. Lover of nature and always had a lot of contact with animals. Outdoor sports (horse riding, mountain biking, running, water skiing and snow skiing). Convinced of the importance of fauna and flora for mankind. Unconditional practitioner of alternative medicine and Buddhist philosophy. Volunteer member of TAF since 2015.

Isabelle Juillard Thompsen, CFA

ESG expert at TAF - The Animal Fund

Born in France in 1972, married and has three Children. Isabelle has 24 years-international experience in investment management and sustainable investing from France, USA, and Norway. Lover of nature, Isabelle is dedicated to ocean protection. Through her career, Isabelle has been committed to promote sustainable developments using the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for investing. She headed the research on climate and environment-related long-term challenges and solutions for integration in the investment process.

Rudi Narine

Consultant at TAF - The Animal Fund Denmark

Born in London in 1972, married and father til 3, plus 2 bonus children. Rudi has worked in the field of coaching and consulting for over 20 years and has supported clients with developing leaders, teams and employees internationally. Rudi has a great love for nature and enjoys hiking trips and growing his own fruit and vegetables. Rudi is committed to sustainability, and sees the need for urgent and decisive action to secure the future of all the planet's inhabitants.

Caroline Jelmoni

PR for Monaco at TAF - The Animal Fund

Caroline Jelmoni was born in 1962, is married and has two children. Co-director at Kamil Interior Design – Art Gallery since 1984. She is a well-known figure in Monaco. Passionate and worried about our planet’s future and what will be left to our children and grandchildren, she has been a TAF volunteer since 2016.