Overfishing and Ghostnet Campaign

What is Overfishing?

→ When more fish are removed than produced (via reproduction), fish populations decline. This is considered overfishing

→ Overfishing species will eventually lead to extinction as fish populations slowly decrease because more species are removed from bodies of water than are replenished.

The Problem:

  • Over the past five decades large fish populations (tuna, sharks, cod, marlin, etc) have dropped 90%!
  • 80% Of global fish stocks are exploited, overfished, depleted or in a state of collapse.
  • 26 million tonnes of which are considered to be illegal or unregulated including whaling.
  • 28.5 Billion tonnes of bycatch (the capture of unwanted sea life) results from fishing every year.

What are Ghost Nets? (and what is ghost fishing?)

→ Ghost fishing is the process where fishing equipment that remains in the environment (lost, abandoned or discarded) continues to kill and trap wildlife.

→ Ghost fishing is otherwise known as ALDFG, or Abandoned, Lost or Otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear. It includes fishing nets, long lines, and fish traps that are still able to catch wildlife when no longer in human control.

The Problem: