TAF’s campaign against the straws

Why NO to plastic straws?

  • There are 8.3 billion straws scattered globally on our coastlines 
  • Plastic decomposes into micro plastic, which is very harmful to ocean life and can cause death 
  • Straws are often eaten by fish and other wildlife 
  • 3.2 billion straws are thrown away yearly in France alone 
  • The average person uses 38 straws yearly 
  • It takes at least 200 years for a straw to decompose

What we can do to help

  • Use alternatives- TAF loves the PASTA alternative 
  • Refuse straws when ordering drinks 
  • Encourage your friends to get involved

Pasta straws

With just two main ingredients, flour and water, experts considers pasta straws to be an exceptional alternative to paper and compostable plastic straws.

They create much less processing output and require the least amount of ingredients to manufacture of all the compostable, single-use straws.

Let’s get strawless