TAF Sunscreen Campaign

Did you know?

  • 98% of all sunscreens contain ingredients that are harmful to human health and to the
    marine ecosystems.
  • Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, chemical compounds found in over 3500 sunscreen
    brands worldwide are causing hormones disruption and skin allergy.
  • The hormones most commonly disturbed are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and
  • Endocrine disruptors can cause abnormal development of fetuses and growing children
    and might also cause cancer while not proven yet.
  • Every year 14 000 tons of sunscreen end up into the ocean with devastating effects on
    the marine life. Wildlife and flora are heavily disturbed and destroyed at an alarming


  • Our sunscreen is eco-friendly and without toxic chemicals affecting human health and the biodiversity.
  • Ingredients: Coconut butter,* Shea butter,* Jojoba Oil,* Cocoa Butter, Marula oil, Aloe Vera, Raspberry Seed Oil*, Rosehip Oil* Haemacoccus Pluvialis Algae, Ionic Zinc, Ionic Selenium, Frankincense EO*, Chamomile EO*, Lavender EO*        *Certified Organic
  • FREE FROM: synthetic chemicals, petroleum ingredients, GMO, artificial colours, fragrances.
  • Without prejudice to sunscreen efficacy our product’s residues are biodegradable posing no threat to you nor the environment.
  • Our aim is to preserve the marine mammals and their ecosystems by reducing pollution.

Please find our latest report and update on animal ingredients used in cosmetics, by university Sciencespo.