TAF Achievements in 2021

TAF - The Animal Fund was created March 3th, 2015. Aspiring to inform and educate about the ocean and its marine life's deterioration and to find solutions, the association has accomplished numerous achievements since then.

Year 2021

  1. TAF had the pleasure of educating another 45 children about the endangered marine life and ocean ( January) ;
  2. Another 25 children got informed about the magnificent ocean and what we must all do to protect it (January); 
  3. Additional 2 classes of 44 children got informed about the endangered ocean and what we can do to help (January);
  4. Participation in the climate discussion with Metropole Nice (January, February);
  5. TAF thanks the more than 50 new volunteers who helped us Clean- up an important area for migratory birds together with partner Natura 2000 ( February);
  6. We welcome our new partner R4 clothing and thank them for their engagement in ecofriendly clothing and contribution to TAF (February);
  7. TAF had another full day educating 2 school classes about the fascinating marine life, especially about the important role of whales and dolphins and how we must protect them (February);
  8. TAF has partnered up with two new incredible partners : Wildbrowser and GEM-TV (March);
  9. TAF welcomes Isabelle J. Thompsen and Véronique Leclercq on our board (March);
  10. TAF had the pleasure of educating another 53 children and students who were eager to learn all about how to protect our ocean and marine life (March);
  11. TAF held an upcycling conference during the Monaco Ocean Week and thank our great speakers R4 Clothing, upcycling expert Pamela Peterson and Angelina and Sofie from Sciencespo (March);
  12. Opening of TAF Denmark , CVR-number 42187003 (March 5th, 2021);
  13. Ghost net fishing campaign (April);
  14. TAF Conference for high school students in Lycee Albert 1er, Monaco. The students, especially Andrea Tortella, kindly made tote bags to sell and all profits will go to TAF (May);
  15. New TAF partner: Blue Coast Brewery, engaged and committed to take action with us clean ups (May);
  16. Another 26 students of 11 years old took part in our education about the whales importance to humanity and how we all can help to protect them (May);
  17. 25 joyful 7 years old students took part in our education (May);
  18. New partner: FromJoyAsso; a gifted animal communicator who has guided us in our research on orcas and dolphins (June);
  19. Another 50 young students got educated about the endangered marine life and what each of us can do help (June);
  20. World Ocean day :TAF organized an educational clean-up for 3 different school classes in collaboration with la Maison de l’Environement Nice et la service de propeté Metropole Nice Cote d’Azur (June);
  21. During the Ocean21 weeks, TAF held its conference “How to live a more plastic free life” and showed alternatives to plastic to be incorporated into daily life (June);
  22. At the end of the Ocean21 event, a clean-up was organised by le service de properté Metropole Nice Cote d’Azur. TAF thanks its volunteers for joining (June);
  23. TAF hosted an “alternative to plastic” stand, in collaboration with Communauté de la Riviera Française . Educating the general public at the beach area in Menton, France how to live a more plastic-free life. TAF showed 30 alternatives to plastic which each of us use daily (July);
  24. For the second time this summer, TAF was happy to host “An alternative to plastic” stand in collaboration with la Communauté de la Riviera Française. During this event, TAF presented over 30 alternatives to daily plastic objects (August);
  25. TAF was honoured to have the opportunity of interacting with students from the Sciences Po Menton. At the campus, TAF presented its numerous objectives and goals, offering an insight into who we are (August);
  26. Animal communicator Joy Fromental joined TAF on our dolphin watch excursion. Extremely profound communication with the many dolphins was presented and can be found on our website/ video (September);
  27. 5 partners joined TAF for the Word clean-up day in Villefranche-sur-mer. 138 great participants including divers collected tons of trash and our partner Blue Coast offered beers to all participants (September);
  28. TAF pub- presentation in the UK. We thank the participants for their engagements and their eager to get involved (Novermber);
  29. TAF educational stand (during the zero waste week) in collaboration with la ville de Nice, la maison de l’environnement and la Metropole Nice côté d’azur (November);
  30. During the european waste reduction week, TAF hosted a conference in collaboration with R4 Clothing UK and students from University of Scineces po and University of MC (November); 
  31. During the Challenge Prince Albert II, TAF held an educational stand in collaboration with Société club Nautique (November);
  32. TAF is honered to present our new ambassador world costal rowing champion Adrián Miramón (November);
  33. TAF welcomes our new partner the rowing club of Monaco; Société club Nautique (November); 
  34. TAF annual christmas gathering to thank all volunteers and to revolt necessary funds (December).