TAF – The Animal Fund was launched on December 10th, 2015.
Aspiring to inform and educate about the ocean and sea life’s deterioration and seeking to end dolphin and whale captivity and slaughter, the association has accomplished numerous achievements since then:

TAF projects and achievements in 2019

On going projets for 2019

  • Continuing of TAF Plastic Campaign abroad;
  • Recruit more members and important contacts outside and within the field;
  • Promote TAF’s mission and goals: at events, at schools, organisations & associations, in TV programs, in articles;
  • Opening of new offices abroad;
  • Launching specific overfishing and cosmetic campaigns;

Achievements in 2019

  • TAF held its first meeting and conference of 2019 including an impressive presentation of the “Calypso team” from ISN school who have created their own ecological cosmetic products. We also thank Peter Swazenski from IAEA for his powerful engaging presentation;
  • 4 classes and 115 young students were engaged in our educational work, and we thank the school for hosting us;
  • We thank the 50 enthusiastic children who were engaged in our educational games and got their well deserved diploma;