Beach and Ocean clean-up

Pollution is one of the biggest threats to the ocean and its magnificent marine life. TAF regularly organizes beach and ocean clean-up operations all over the world.

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5 Facts about Plastic Pollution

  • Every minute a truck full of plastic enters the ocean. 
  • It takes thousands of years to break down.
  • Plastic contains toxic compounds and pollutants that pose a serious threat to marine life and us.
  • More than 700 marine species are in danger of extinction because of our plastic consumption.
  • Massive whales are washed ashore with bellies filled with plastic trash.

5 Tips we can implement now to improve our ocean's chances

  • Pick up our trash so the ocean stays free of it.
  • Use canvas bags instead of plastic.
  • Use stainless steel or glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.
  • Avoid or reduce eating fish and meat where possible.
  • Save water.

Some photos of our clean-up operations from 2016 to 2023.

TAF thanks all the many volunteers and supporters who have been involved.