TAF Achievements in 2023

TAF - The Animal Fund was created March 3th, 2015. Aspiring to inform and educate about the ocean and its marine life's deterioration and to find solutions, the association has accomplished numerous achievements since then.

Year 2023

  • TAF new office abroad; we welcome new trustees: Cato Aall and Isabelle Thompsen (January);
  • New EDHEC partners and association, collaborative work for ocean protection (January);
  • Interview and collaboration with partner Invisible Hong Kong, to share more in Issue 10 of #EcoWithAttitude (January);
  • TAF visited for the second time Club Hemmingway in Domenica Republic where this year have committed to alternatives to plastic bottles and new future projects! Thank you to the manager and the team (January);
  • TAF visited Silverbank and had beautiful encounters with humpbacks and increased understanding of their behaviour during the mating and breeding season (January-February);
  • TAF’s founder was a volunteer tour guide and monitor on whale watching tours in the Domenica Republic for 2 weeks, and had the pleasure of adding TAF’s knowledge about the importance of whales in our ecosystems and marine conservation (February);
  • Integration of new school projects and another 2 universities on board (February);
  • Video production of Whale immigration and whale watching (February);
  • School education for 25 students on ocean protection (March); 
  • Educational work for another 27 children on whales importances to us all (March); 
  • A full day with workshops for international school students on biodirversity (March); 
  • TAF Conference; Whales- the Eyes of Humnaity;  during Monaco Ocean Week (March); 
  • Video production of Orcas and Humpbacks feeding season (March);
  • Another 25 motivated school children got educated of the importance of whales and why we must protect them (March);
  • 2 engaged schools enjoyed our intervention with continuing information about ocean protection (March);