TAF Achievements in 2018

TAF - The Animal Fund was created March 3th, 2015. Aspiring to inform and educate about the ocean and its marine life's deterioration and to find solutions, the association has accomplished numerous achievements since then.

  1. TAF presented with educational fun games at Stars N’Bars (January).
  2. TAF website and new design incl. French language (February).
  3. Conferences and educational work with schools and universities (January, February).
  4. Visit to the world’s first plastic free supermarket “EcoPlaza” in Amsterdam (March and July).
  5. TAF attended the conference “Plant for the Planet” (March).
  6. Charity gala evening, where TAF was presented, got funds from supporters and donation from Artist “BAS Art” (March).
  7. Menton Beach Clean-up where tons of trash were collected (March).
  8. New ambassadors appointed: youth: Olympias and Artist: Bas Evans (March).
  9. Conference “The Amazon river and its Pink Dolphins” by TAF ambassador Marine biology researcher Dr. Alexandra Zeiner (March).
  10. Presentation and new documents from TAF’s Overfishing group (April).
  11. Cocktail and TAF presentation at Club THIRTY NINE Monaco (April).
  12. TAF conference by a student from Leiden University Holland, covering subjects on Ocean, Energy, Sustainability and Fisheries Management (May).
  13. New marketing items and TAF uniform (May).
  14. TAF’s 2nd Plastic campaign held in Nice, France. Report and films incl. outcomes from campaigns to be found on website (May).
  15. #WorldOceansDay by TAF at Nice Beach – Ocean and beach clean-up (June).
  16. TAF presented 5 days at Monacology with educational stands. More than 1500 children visited our stands (June).
  17. Presentations about plastic pollution for grade 10 at Monacology (June).
  18. Visit and research into NETTO supermarket chain in Fyn, Denmark which newly introduced a return system on plastic bags (July).
  19. Partnership with EQVITA vegan restaurant Monaco (created by Novak Djokovic and his wife) (August).
  20. 2 new documents from the TAF’s Cosmetic group: which brands does still contain whale ingredients ? Is Sunscreen safe ? (August).
  21. New marketing products produced for stands abroad (August).
  22. Partner with Saltwater Brewery Florida who produces edible six packs rings (September).
  23. Visit and collaboration with 4ocean Florida (September).
  24. Visit and new contacts in Loggerhead Marinelife center and Gumbo Limbo nature center Florida; both great turtle rescue centers.
  25. Visit to the Manatee Lagoon center in Florida. Research of the endangered species and the effect of the red tide in Florida (September).
  26. Produced new film from our Iceland trip (September).
  27. TAF conference and update from members and our cosmetic group.
  28. New TAF ambassador: Paula Radcliffe ( September).
  29. TAF’s new partner: Diving 2000 Denmark (September).
  30. New update about plastic in the High Seas from our marine biologist adviser and wildlife guide Belén García Ovide (October).
  31. After summer beach clean-up at the beaches in Menton. More than 80 super volunteers attended to help cleaning up (October).
  32. Presentation at ISN (International school of Nice) and new students appointed (October).
  33. TAF presentation in CREM Monaco (October).
  34. 5 conferences and meetings during 2018, last meeting November 7th included 2 great speakers; animal communicator: Joy Fromental and underwater model and free diver: Angelika Furstler (November).
  35. 2 educational days at No Finish Line. An immense event where we thank NFL for hosting us, Monaco reporter for their press coverage and our great volunteers for their continuously support and enthusiasm (November).
  36. TAF research trip to Norway to look further into their whaling industry and whale watching industry. Report on our website (November).
  37. TAF’s 3rd Christmas party and our first tombola where funds were collected (December).
  38. ISN winter fete and TAF stand by the students to create awareness (December).
  39. Partnership with the association “Une mer pour vos enfants” from EDHEC Univeristy (December).