As part of our education, TAF hosts, on a frequent basis, conferences at various events, in companies or organisations.
Presenting the issues we are facing, whether it is plastic pollution, overfishing or whaling, is imperative – yet, TAF’s focus is more on delivering solutions and finding ways where we all can help!

People talk about the forests being the lungs of the planet, however, the ocean delivers more than 50 % of our oxygen. Without a healthy ocean, we cannot live !

How much do we really know about the ocean ? And how much do we know about the amazing marine life, especially the whales’ role in the ecosystem?
It is our aim that everyone takes responsibility and action towards a cleaner and healthier environment.

Our methods

• Systematically
• Informative
• Fun
• Interactive
Our methods have resulted in an ever growing number of ocean protectors.


• The importance of the ocean
• Why are whales essential to all of us
• Amazing facts about whales and dolphins
• The threats to the ocean
• Plastic pollution and its effect on marine life and humanity
• Overfishing / ghost nets / captivity and the consequences of a dead sea
• Whaling and our survival
• What can you do to help?

If you would like us to present at your event or in your organisation or company, please send us an e-mail :
Thank you.