TAF Achievements and Projects in 2022

TAF - The Animal Fund was launched on December 10th, 2015. Aspiring to inform and educate about the ocean and sea life's deterioration and seeking to end dolphin and whale captivity and slaughter, the association has accomplished numerous achievements since then.

Year 2022

  • TAF has started the new year with an additional 15 new schools and 3 new universities (January);
  • Clean up operation and Whale Watching trip in the DR (January-February);
  • Conference held for University of Surrey (February);
  • School education for another class informing about the danger facing our ocean and its marine life (February) ; 
  • Whale Video produced by partner Janique Sonnen (February);
  • Conference for Jacobs university and Carrier Fair in Bremen (March) ;
  • School education for 27 CM2 students informing about alternatives to plastic (March):
  • Another school was informed about the endangered marine life (March);
  • 25 seven years old children, were informed about how each of us can help protect Mother Earth (March);
  • TAF was honored to be among the presenters at the Monaco Ocean week where our partner 2pm Monaco presented about sustainable ESG finance and R4 Clothing presented about New Fashion, both powerful tools to protect the planet (March);
  • 25 new students were educated and we see an increased interest among the teachers and children to commit to a healthier planet (March);
  • Another 27 school children got educated about the importance of protecting the ocean and its marine life. (April);
  • A special school with fewer children were introduced to our educational program (April);
  • Private event- Beach Educational workshop with educational games about the endangered marine life and how each of us can help.(April);
  • Video released of our ambassador Paula Radcliffe (April);
  • 2 new classes and another 50 children enjoyed our intervention about the amazing whales (May);
  • Private dinner event for volunteers and new supporters to enlarge our presence in London (May);
  • Ocean Art exhibition by Joanne Mumford, where 20 % sales should go to TAF (May/ June);
  • School education in Oslo, Norway (May);
  • TAF company presentation Dnb Oslo (May);
  • 2 school presentations for Ocean21 during the ocean week (June); 
  • World ocean day clean- up with educational games for 175 children and some adults in Nice (June);
  • TAF 2nd edition Whalethon – Swimming for the whales; great fun sportive event to create awareness of our majestic oxygen provider – the whales. Thanks to our sponsor 2pm Europe, our partner R4 Clothing UK and Blue Coast brewery for creating special edition of bamboo t-shirt and beer.