Become a volunteer

We urgently need help to advance rapidly to save and protect the ocean and its marine life!

The deterioration is creeping up on us with a dangerous speed!

Volunteers are extremely important -without… we risk to be too late in saving our ocean and ourselves!

You can help :

  • follow us on facebook, instagram et twitter, “like us” and share information to your network and ask them to do the same to their network
  • talk to your friends about TAF – The Animal Fund and forward the subscription form on TAF’s webpage
  • join forces with your friends, colleagues at work or at school and form groups to promote TAF
  • ask your connections, schools, workplace or sports clubs to host a promotional TAF event/presentation
  • be an active member, join us on our trips, projects, events and presentations

We will provide you with all necessary information, flyers or items to be purchased

Take action: email:

Thank you